Vera Chinn, EMT

Vera Chinn was awarded the 2016 Hall Ambulance EMT of the Year. Vera started with Hall Ambulance as a wheelchair van driver in October 2000.

She moved to the Ambulance Division in 2010 and works on an advanced life support ambulance in the Metro Bakersfield 911 system. Vera is known for her positive and very caring attitude.

Vera continually makes herself available for special events and is one of a handful of employees allowed to operate the Happy Daze bus, which is offered to local charities for special events at no cost. Vera also committed several evenings Christmas shopping for those in need.

Vera’s customer service skills are documented very well in comments received on surveys. Time and again they write in about her compassion and her empathy. Vera’s customer service stories are used in training of new employees.

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