William Cassidy, EMT

Paramedic Marsha Aase and EMT William Cassidy were part of an amazing field save. One of our supervisors was at the grocery store and was approached by a woman who wanted to make sure Marsha and William got credit for their good work saving her mother’s life. Moreover, she wanted management to know that Marsha had returned to the hospital multiple times to check on her mother.

The call occurred more than a year before the contact at the grocery store.

Marsha, with Hall Ambulance since 1997, and William Cassidy who has worked for the Company since 2009, were dispatched to a cardiac arrest on July 29, 2015. They found Bakersfield Firefighters performing CPR after one defibrillation. Marsha took over scene management and continued with treatment. The patient was handed off to the Emergency Department staff with pulses. The fire department reported that CPR had been started by Irene Sample’s grandchildren prior to any EMS personnel arriving on scene. Irene was a former foster parent and had trained her grandchildren to perform CPR. Marsha, William and the rest of the first responders were reunited with Irene and her family.

News coverage of the story captured the interest of the American Heart Association, resulting in Irene, Eunique, and Darian being invited to ride on their float in this year’s Pasadena Festival of Roses Parade with other teenagers who used CPR to save the life of a loved one.

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