Taft Man Reunited With Lifesaving Team

On April 01, 2010, crews from Hall Ambulance Service and the Kern County Fire Department responded to a Taft residence, where Michael McKnight was found to be complaining of chest pain. The Hall Paramedic at the scene recognized the patient to be exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with an acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) and requested Hall Air Ambulance intervention.

Medications were administered, and Mr. McKnight was transported to the Taft Airport to meet the incoming Hall Air Ambulance. Shortly after liftoff of the helicopter, Mr. McKnight took what could have been his last breath, as his heart quit beating. Due to the quick action of the Hall Air crew, Mr. McKnight’s heart was re-started and transport was continued by air to San Joaquin Community Hospital.

Upon arriving at San Joaquin, Mr. McKnight was met by Dr’s Ziomek & Bezdek along with emergency and cardiac care staff who began corrective procedures, ultimately resulting in a complete recovery.

Please plan on joining Harvey L. Hall, President and Founder of Hall Ambulance Service as Mr. McKnight is reunited with the lifesavers responsible for his miraculous recovery.

Date: Wednesday, May 12th
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Taft Airport

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