The HallMark

Hall Ambulance is proud to announce that the HallMark is now available to view online. Mr. Hall, along with the Hall Ambulance staff would like to thank you for taking a moment to read our publication.

Nov/Dec 2020
Vol.25  No.5
Striding to Fund a Cure for CJD
Sept/Oct 2020
Vol.25  No.4
AST Responds to CZU Lightning Complex
July/August 2020
Vol.25  No.3
Wedworth-Townsend Act Turns 50
May/June 2020
Vol.25  No.2
Working on the Frontlines of the Pandemic
March/April 2020
Vol.25  No.1
Founder’s Day Awards
Jan/Feb 2020
Vol.24  No.6
Hall Ambulance’s Newest Paramedics
November/December 2019
Vol.24  No.5
Celebrating an Exemplary Career
Vol.24  No.4
Class 1 of the Hall Paramedic Academy
March/April 2019
Vol.24  No.2
Founder’s Day Awards
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