Our Kern County Pride Runs Deep

From the oil-rich fields of Taft, to the flight and space exploration of East Kern, Hall Ambulance Service's community pride runs deep. And, the medical transportation services we provide are as diverse as the communities we serve. Our devotion extends beyond providing exemplary medical care. Hall Ambulance strives to be a good neighbor by engaging and making a positive difference.

Keep It In The Family

Tech 1 was the first ambulance owned and operated by Harvey L. Hall, President and Founder of Hall Ambulance Service, Inc. Mr. Hall purchased the 1970 Miller Meteor ambulance that sits on a Cadillac chassis with a $10,000 loan. Today Hall Ambulance operates more than 70 state of the art ambulances.

Giving back to the Community

Siren the Rescue Dog interacts with kids at a street fair. Siren has been the mascot for Hall Ambulance for more than a decade. Siren makes appearances at schools and special events in support of the Public Relations Department. Small stuffed Siren the Rescue Dogs are stored on each ambulance so that Paramedics and EMTs can help calm children during a medical crisis.

State of the Art Equipment & Vehicles

Hall Critical Care Transport is the latest development in 40 years of progressive care and transportation. Whether by ground or air Hall CCT operates state of the art equipment with experienced crews. The 2009 Life Line Ambulance manufactured on a Freightliner chassis is one of a kind in California. Our Bell 407 helicopter is operated by Air Methods.

Dedicated teams, proud to serve

Hall Critical Care Transport was born in 2001. Hall CCT uses a 2001 Bell 407 helicopter that is operated by Air Methods. The helicopter has all of the latest safety equipment available to an aircrew including night vision goggles for the entire crew, terrain avoidance system, and an aircraft collision warning system, satellite tracking and an advanced weather tracking system.

Safe Transportation

Hall Ambulance Service operates more than 85 ambulances, the majority of which are Advanced Life Support/Paramedic Units. These state-of-the-art vehicles are equipped to allow the paramedic to employ a wide-scope of care while enroute to the hospital.

Nationally Recognized Accredited Center of Excellence

Hall Ambulance Service's Communications Center is one of two dispatch centers in Kern County recognized as an Accredited Center of Excellence by the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch (NAED). Our communications specialists are certified by NAED as advanced emergency medical dispatchers

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